Terms & Conditions


General Terms and Conditions


To use the online store bestmetaldetectors.eu
and make purchases of goods through it

1. Subject and legal significance


 1.1These Terms and Conditions are accepted by Alex359 Ltd pursuant to Art. 16 of the Law on Obligations and Contracts and art. 298 of the Commercial Code and regulate;

• conditions for use of website users bestmetaldetectors.eu ot Alex 359 Ltd. and services it offers;

• conditions and terms of contracts of sale between Alex 359 Ltd. and website users

 the rights and obligations of Alex 359 Ltd. and the relevant public contracts concluded between them for the purchase and sale,including the terms and methods of delivery of goods ordered, received their payment, terms and conditions for making claims and return of purchased products

 1.2. Acceptance of these Terms of website users bestmetaldetectors.eu is prerequisite for entering into a contract for purchase and sale between Alex 359 Ltd and the consumer, and for delivery of goods ordered. Alex 359 Ltd. has the right,but not required to enter into contracts and to make deliveries to customers,not accept these Terms.Acceptance of these Terms of consumers is done by marking the box (checkbox) "I agree with the Terms and Conditions" in the context of the submission of the relevant the order and after a user has entered the required data from the procedure. By accepting the General Conditions, the User agrees to contract from a distance.

1.3. Terms and Conditions are posted prominently on the website bestmetaldetectors.eu and are known to every visitor.

 1.4. Publication of goods on the website bestmetaldetectors.eu is considered public invitation to users to send to Aleks359 Ltd a proposal for concluding a contract for purchase and sale within the meaning of Art. 290, para. 1 of the Commercial Code. 1.5. Marking the box "I agree to Terms" in the procedure of submitting a purchase order creates an irrebuttable presumption that the user has read with the terms and conditions before you accept them. By marking the box (checkbox) "I agree with the Terms and Conditions" consumer electronic statement within the meaning of the Law on Electronic Document and Electronic Signature which declares that it is familiar with these Terms and Conditions and accept them.


2. Data on Alex 359 Ltd and for bestmetaldetectors.eu is e-commerce website -sale and delivery of goods presented in it. bestmetaldetectors.eu is website owned Alex359 Ltd


 3. Subject of sale.

Main features of the offered products. Prices and shipping costs are not included .


 3.1. Subject to sale via the website bestmetaldetectors.eu are products advertised on it at the moment of making an order for the purchase by the consumer. Goods are subject to sale through the site describes the type and quality and are classified into different categories according to common and similar characteristics.

3.2. The main characteristics of the goods offered by the website bestmetaldetectors.eu described in the website itself and the relevant subsections for individual types product .

 3.3. The prices of products offered through the website bestmetaldetectors.eu, are specified on the website in section for the relevant commodity. Unit and the total price of the goods,subject specific order for purchase, be visualized in context of the procedure for its shaping and submission by the user. 359 Alex Ltd. has the right to unilaterally change these to bestmetaldetectors.eu prices website, and the price is valid only for orders placed after its announcement on the website.

3.4. Prices for items 3.3. not include transportation costs of delivery, charged and paid by the consumer in addition to the prices are clearly stated in the site rate.

 3.5. Invitation made by Alex359 Ltd website bestmetaldetectors.eu public invitation under Art. 290, paragraph 1 of the Commercial Code is valid until stocks of the commodity. Prices are valid until their eventual change from Alex 359 Ltd in any case, the price does not affect the confirmed purchase orders.


4. General Obligations of the consumer in connection with the use of the website bestmetaldetectors.eu and the purchase of goods:


4.1.bestmetaldetectors.eu online website can be effectively used for the submission of orders to buy goods offered by him only after the user submits a duly completed electronic form of the order, stating: • type and number of the goods subject to the order;

unit and total price of all goods ordered;

the cost of delivery of the goods covered by the contract shipping address;

full name of the user;

a valid email address of the user;

telephone number of the consumer;

address to receive the goods ordered;

the full name of the person authorized by the user to get the goods to the address for delivery - if the user wants to indicate such person;

data collected by the user mode of payment - bank transfer, cash on delivery through PayPal;

if the user chooses to pay the price of the goods by bank transfer - an explicit statement that it is willing to pay the price in advance;

explicit consent of the consumer to contract for distance selling (Article 48 CPA);

data on the invoice - if the user wants to issue an invoice.

Completing the incomplete, inaccurate or incorrect data in the order does -Aleks359 Ltd released from all obligations relating to the acceptance and / or performance.

 4.2. Order to purchase goods through the website bestmetaldetectors.eu can be filed only after the user is familiar with these Terms and Conditions and accept them by marking the field (checkbox) "I agree with the Terms and Conditions" before sending the order electronically.

4.3. bestmetaldetectors.eu website not allows you to send orders in the presence of incomplete data in section 5.1. in the absence of accepting the General Conditions.

4.4. The order is considered a proposal by the user of conclusion of the contract for purchase and sale within the meaning of Art. 290, para. 1 Commercial Act.The purchase order is not binding Alex359 Ltd. and website www. bestmetaldetectors.eu to moment of confirmation Aleks359 Ltd under 6.1.

 4.5. The purchase order is an electronic statement within the meaning of the Electronic Document and Electronic Signature containing an offer to buy, according to the content of the order.

5. Check the correctness of the data provided by the user and authenticity of the order.

Adoption of the proposal for a consumer contract for purchase and sale

 5.1. After receiving the order Alex359 Ltd. and website bestmetaldetectors.eu verify the authenticity of the contract, its validity and accuracy of the address for delivery, and associated with the user to the given email or telephone. Once the user has confirmed the authenticity of the submitted her order and its details, Alex359 Ltd sends acknowledge receipt of the order referred to in her e-mail address.Order confirmation contains all data 5.1. Payable by the consumer transportation costs, time for delivery and unique number of the accepted order. If the user has indicated that it will make the payment by bank transfer confirmation contains the bank account Alex 359 Ltd, in which should be payment.In that case, for delivery starting from the moment of crediting the bank account of Alex359 Ltd. with the amount due.In the payment order, or a deposit slip a user must provide his unique number given to that order, given its confirmation of its acceptance.Subject to the conditions of 5.1. the order shall be deemed accepted by Alex359 Ltd and enforceable from the moment of sending electronic order confirmation by Alex359 LTD. 5.2. In the absence of stock of the goods within the business day following the filing of the order Alex 359 Ltd will notify the user of its exhaustion by sending a message to a user-specified e-mail address or telephone number.The notification shall state the period within which delivery can be completed.

In these cases, the user may abandon the given order, confirm it, and accept the new delivery time or order other available product.

6. Conclusion of contracts for sale.

6.1. The contract for purchase and sale is concluded at the moment Alex359 Ltd sent an electronic confirmation of acceptance of the purchase order of that in her email, except by point 6.2 and section 6.3.

7. Rights and obligations of the parties.

7.1.Alex 359 is shall:

• to transfer the ownership of consumer goods Subject contract for purchase and sale from the distance;

• to deliver within term the product;

to ensure compliance with the purchased goods contract for purchase and sale under beginnings. 106 of the Law on Consumer Protection.

7.2. User undertakes:

to provide a full, accurate and precise data 5.1.;

to pay the price of ordered products;

pay the cost of delivery, if any;

to provide access and opportunity for obtaining goods by him or by another person that he is duly authorized to do so;

8. Carrying out supplies.

Getting the goods:

8.1. Alex 359 Ltd. delivers goods to be implemented (confirmed) orders by courier within 3 (three) business days after the conclusion of the sale.

8.2. Ordered goods can only be obtained only from:


a person authorized by the buyer to receive the goods under the procedure specified in paragraph 5.1. (with the contract itself);

a person expressly authorized by the buyer to receive the goods with proper written authorization;

a person who explicitly authenticating the identity of the goods ordered and agreed to pay it in cash on behalf of the buyer;

a person who provides original, certified by bank transfer order or a receipt for payment of the price of the goods supplied.

8.3. In the event that the address specified in the order is not found a person under paragraph 9.2. turnaround in delivery

Alex359 LTD is released from its obligation to deliver the goods - subject of the purchase order. If the user confirms his wish to receive ordered goods after expiry of the delivery, which was not found at the address, he shall bear all additional shipping costs.The cost of the second delivery will be paid upon receipt of goods, while the total amount of the contract and the first delivery.

8.4. Upon acceptance of the goods, the person under Art. 9.2. signed acknowledgment of receipt of delivery and fulfillment of obligations under Article Alex359 LTD. 54 of Consumer Protection Act content in Annex № 1 to these Terms.

8.5. In the event that the buyer is a consumer within the meaning of Sect. 13, item 1 Consumer Protection Act in taking delivery of the person under item 8.2. receive a copy of the written information containing:

current data Alex359 Ltd under paragraph 2 and business address where the user can send complaints;

the consumer's right to withdraw from the contract, terms and conditions for the exercise of this right;

information about the services and after sales guarantees provided.

Upon receipt of the delivery person under item 8.2. signed a copy of his provided is information kept by the courier company and transmitted to Alex359 LTD.8.6. In the event that payment of the price of the goods is made ​​by bank transfer to pay the cost of courier delivery for her in the same way and pay transportation costs for the delivery.

9. Refusal to receive goods ordered and delivered.

Refusal from the treaty:

9.1. The customer has the right to refuse to accept the goods - subject he has brought an order when:

• goods supplied does not correspond to the stated purchase by the user and this can be determined simply whit inspection;

the price the consumer must pay, does not correspond to the price payable;

• the user is natural person and exercise its right under section 9.2. for cases of refusal to receive the goods be drawn at the time of delivery, describing the reasons for the refusal.In the cases above, and if the user does other events will, subject to replacing the product with one that complies with the contract. The cost of replacing the goods at the expense of Alex359 LTD.

9.2. If the customer is an individual, he is entitled to withdraw from the purchase within 7 (seven) days from the date of delive. In these cases, the costs of returning the product are borne by the buyer. Product must be in the form in which it is delivered - packaging is not damaged (the consignment packaging can be opened) is not smeary or otherwise damaged.Right under this section may be exercised by refusing to accept a delivery

9.3. In the case of 9.1. and 9.2., if the user has paid the price of the goods Alex359 LTD the amount will paid within 10 days. In the event that the customer refused to accept the goods because its inconsistency with agreed and subject to the same exchange, shall also apply paragraphs 6 and a new supply.

10. Returns.

Claims for defects in the delivered goods from Alex359 Ltd carried out on the grounds and in the manner provided for in the Law on Obligations and Contracts Act, consumer protection and other applicable regulations.

11. Date of entry into force of these Terms.

These Terms and Conditions are posted on the website bestmetaldetectors.eu on 21 November 2012. with effect from. 21noemvri 2012, and shall apply to all purchase orders submitted on or after that date.