The 3 Most Accurate Metal Detectors [2023’s Game-Changer]

When it comes to metal detectors, the nuanced differences between models can have a profound impact on their overall effectiveness. Some models shine in relic hunting, while others excel at identifying and distinguishing various coin types. A select few even possess the remarkable ability to detect gold.

Following an extensive 30-hour research endeavor and rigorous 80-hour testing process involving 14 distinct models, we are excited to unveil our definitive picks for the six most accurate metal detectors available today.

Fisher F22 is the Most Accurate Metal Detector available on the market. It is the best option due to its higher accuracy, ease of use, and affordable pricing. I found that thousands of users have been using them for a long and they are happy with their performance. It is also a product of well well-known Fisher brand.

6 Most Accurate Metal Detectors

Best For Relic Hunting: Fisher F22

Fisher F22 Weatherproof Metal Detector

The Fisher F22 metal detector was first introduced in 2015. This equipment is suitable for individuals at all skill levels, be they beginners or experienced treasure hunters. The F22 is characterized by its user-friendly interface, devoid of complex settings or adjustments. It embodies simplicity, functionality, and versatility, delivers high-quality performance, and remains budget-friendly, making it an excellent choice for metal detector enthusiasts.

The handle is furnished with a comfortable, sponge-like padding, offering users improved grip strength even in inclement weather conditions. Extending from the handle is a long stem that connects to an elliptical-shaped search coil. While an elliptical shape might usually present drawbacks, in this scenario, it serves as a practical feature, reducing the likelihood of inadvertent coil collisions while on the move.


  • Offering 10 sensitivity level adjustments.
  • Equipped with four distinct operation modes.
  • Includes a discrimination feature for enhanced precision.


  • Suitable for use on low tides, wet sand beaches, or in saltwater environments.

Best For Beginners: SUNPOW Professional

SUNPOW Professional Metal Detector

The SUNPOW Professional Metal Detector is incredibly easy to assemble and disassemble. You have the option to follow the well-written manufacturer’s instructions or refer to tutorial videos for a visual guide if needed.

Furthermore, it offers simplicity, ease of use, and remarkable accuracy. The device features a loud sound output and a prominently displayed numeric readout. Distinguishing between valuable items such as coins, jewelry, and metallic objects and unwanted debris is a strong point of this metal detector, even at a depth of 8.7 inches. Its pointing and all-metal features perform exceptionally well.

What’s more, it comes complete with a convenient bag and shovel, allowing you to kickstart your treasure-hunting adventure without delay.


  • Simple to put together or take apart,
  • user-friendly with a loud sound,
  • a clear large number readout,
  • and includes a bag and shovel.


  • No backlight display.
  • A rechargeable battery would be a valuable addition for convenience.

Best For Gold: Garrett ACE 400 Metal Detector

Garrett ACE 400 Metal Detector

The Garrett ACE 400 is indeed capable of detecting gold and stands out as the most budget-friendly gold detector available, devoid of any marketing gimmicks.

It operates at a higher frequency, specifically 10kHz, enhancing its sensitivity for the detection of low and medium-conductivity items, including gold. Furthermore, it has been upgraded with Digital Target ID, simplifying the process of discerning target information before deciding whether to proceed with digging. Additionally, the new iron audio feature enables you to replace the mid-tone signal range.

Opting for this model will not only benefit your treasure hunting but also provide comfort for your wrists and arms, thanks to its well-balanced and stable design featuring the innovative Camlocks Stem.


  • Capable of detecting gold and other low to medium-conductivity.
  • Enhanced stability was achieved through the introduction of the new Camlocks Stem.
  • Equipped to provide advanced control and tracking.


  • I wish the plastic components were more durable.

How to Choose the Most Accurate Metal Detector?


The sensitivity of a metal detector refers to its capacity to detect conductive materials from a specific distance. Different sensitivity levels are suitable for particular applications, so it’s vital to determine your detection objectives, whether it’s relics, coins, gold, or jewelry, and the desired depth.

Keep in mind that the required sensitivity level may need adjustment due to the mineral content in the search area. Opting for a metal detector with adjustable sensitivity levels is advantageous for hunting in various soil conditions.

Discrimination & Target Identification

Discrimination is a feature that helps a metal detector differentiate between different material types, such as distinguishing between bottle caps and coins, impacting the tool’s precision.

Meanwhile, target identification takes this function a step further, providing precise identification of the detected object, typically distinguishing between coins of different denominations, gold, jewelry, and unwanted items within a specific range.

Note: Discrimination may not be essential for relic hunters.

Ground Balance

Only some metal detectors offer a ground balance feature, which reduces false alarms due to interference from metals and metal alloys in the soil, affecting the tool’s ability to locate conductive materials.

There are four types of ground balance:

Multiple ground balance: This feature allows for either manual or automatic adjustment of the ground balance level.

Manual ground balance: It enables you to change the ground balance level as needed for your target.

Preset ground balance: Offers pre-programmed settings to adjust the ground balance level according to your requirements and target.

Automatic ground balance: This feature automatically adjusts the ground balance level to detect and compensate for interference.

Which Brands Manufacture the Most Accurate Metal Detectors?

Fisher Lab

In the field of metal detection, Fisher Lab is a highly regarded and long-standing name. Established in 1931, they have consistently developed a wide range of product lines using their own technology and innovation, which accounts for their exceptional product quality.


Founded in 1964, Garrett is another reputable brand known for manufacturing metal detectors at competitive prices. They have also set a new industry standard for customer satisfaction.


Quest was founded by a team of skilled and experienced detectorists who are devoted to offering metal detectors and associated accessories that incorporate advanced and innovative technology.


Quest was founded by a group of professional and experienced detectorists who are committed to providing metal detectors and related accessories that incorporate cutting-edge technology.

Obtaining the most accurate metal detector is both an engaging and challenging task. It serves as a pivotal piece of equipment that can greatly impact your success in relic hunting. Whether you prioritize ease of use, effective discrimination functionality, or weather resistance, we have compiled a list of the finest options to aid you in finding the ideal solution for your requirements.

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