Pirate Black Devil 2PRO

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is a modern professional metal detector, designed for operation in any type of soil inlcuding highly mineralized soils, high ore contents soils and polluted soil. It has perfect depth and discrimination and is distinguished with high quality, easy user adjustment and minimal maintenance need. This makes it equally suitable both for beginners and professionals.

As a concept, Pirate Black Devil has been created:

- with excellent depth detection in any type of conditions!

- to be used in any type of soils;

- to change mode: "noisy" or entirely "quiet";

- to have extended capacities for adjustment of the dicsrimination and ground balance;

- for successful detection of coins located under ceramics, stones and rocks;

- for successful detection of coins in highly mineralized soils;

- for better detection depth not only for copper but also for silver and golden subjects;

- high detection speed and overload high recovery speed and stability at the same time. In fact, the metal detector Pirate Black Devil  is among those metal detectors with deepest penetration worldwide when it refers to metal detectors of inductivity balance type. Pirate Black Devil has been designed of high quality, RoHS compatible and entirely screened against electromagnetic disturbances electronics and high quality components such as: sound and light assembly bearing construction made of aluminum and carbon; electronic block housed in a light and robust box of ABS and aluminum: DD or SEF water resistant probes; double screening of searching probe against electromagnetic disturbances; all this provides for flawless operation regardless of the temperature variations and other environmental parameters and durability fostered with 3 year warranty.


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