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Nitrous Oxide Systems (NOS) It wouldn't be Fast and Furious without NOS! You're faster than everyone else.  NOS 300 -18 KHZ Series to earn exclusive, limited edition. Gold detectors are all-metal-detectors. This means they respond to all metals, be it gold, copper, lead, silver, nickel, iron etc. What qualifies them as 'gold' detectors is that gold generally is found in difficult ground-mineralization, so the metal detector must have the proper controls to deal with ground conditions that can be noisy, obscuring the detector's ability to 'see' gold nuggets in the ground. In order to neutralize this ground noise the gold detectors rely on ground balancing circuits, either auto tracking or manual ground balance. NOS 300 -18 KHZ metal detectors will give you extreme depth and performance in all terrains. This exceptional hobby and treasure-hunting metal detector will meet – and exceed – your prospecting and gold detection requirements. It includes an 18 kHz frequency for enhanced detection of small gold nuggets, jewelry, coins and relics.Now you can experience extreme depth and performance on land and in the water with the NOS 300 -18 KHZ professional metal detector. Designed from the ground up to be used in all terrains, the NOS 300 -18 KHZ is engineered to meet all your treasure-hunting needs. • NOS 300 -18 KHZ is available with a basic search coil 10.5'' (27 cm) made of ABS and a special design providing better mechanical and thermal stability; • A special cable, made of high-quality materials and with a common shield, designed to provide for greater mechanical strength and extended product life of the coil • Light and strong boxes of ABS • Lightweight metaldetector with a perfect balance • Strong handle • A three-piece rod • Lower rod made of carbon Optional coils DD 7” (18 cm), DD 8” (20 cm), DD 8x10” (20x25 cm), DD 10X12” (25x31 cm) DD 12.5” (32 cm), 12.5x15” (32x38 cm); The smaller coils have better sensitivity to small objects (coins) and are preferably used on heavily polluted terrains. The larger coils (DD 32 and DD 32x38) have better sensitivity to larger objects and are suitable for deep underground search, having 10-20 % better sensitivity than DD 27 cm.

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