Golden Mask 15 Khz - UK Edition

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The Golden Mask 1 + 15 khz UK Edition is a very sensitive, but easy to use metal detector. The high search frequency of 15 kHz ensures that these metal detector is very suitable for finding very small objects and gold. The Golden Mask 1 + is also the ideal device for finding coins in heavy mineralized ground. Ease of use makes the device suitable for the novice viewfinder. Are good iron discrimination, the high sensitivity for small objects and gold and its high quality finish make the Golden Mask 1 + to an ideal metal detector in its price class.

The standard 9'' Spider coil + coil protector offers good features for very difficult surfaces,and long service life of the coil .

Optional coils:

5''(12,5sm) Spider Coil, DD 7” (18 cm),9''(22sm) Spider Coil, DD 8x10” (20x25 cm), 12'' (30sm)Spider Coil, DD 10X12” (25x30 cm) 12.5x15” (32x38 cm);


The smaller coils have better sensitivity to small objects (coins) and are preferably used on heavily polluted terrains. The larger coils have better sensitivity to larger objects and are suitable for deep underground search, having 10-20 % better sensitivity than 9'' Spider Coil.

The difference with the Golden Mask 1 is the search frequency.


High Quality Electronics

Search frequency: 15 KHz

VLF TR technology

Motion System

Adjustable sensitivity

Two Tone Discrimination

Disc Level-adjust the level of discrimination

Automatic soil compensation

Led for charging the battery

Rugged ABS plastic chassis

Weight: 1.3 kg (with battery)

  Strong handle
• A three-piece rod
• Lower and middle rod made ​​of super lightweight and rugged of carbon
• Smart automatic charger( off automatically after charging the batteries) especially designed for the Golden Mask

Power consumption: minimum consumption 35 mA/65 mA maximum power consumption

Charger – a pack of 10 rechargeable batteries 1.2 V AA/ 1000 mAh

Supply voltage: 12V Over-charging (for 30-50 hours)

Including batteries, charger,manual.

5-year warranty!

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