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Metal Detectors-VLF

10 Reasons to start Metal Detecting

There are many reasons that people start metal detecting. Some because they had one as a child, others because they have retired or just have more time on their hands. You may have a passion for history? You might have seen Time Team or Mud men on Telivision or dreamt about becoming a archaeologist? Some people start metal detecting as a form of extra income and a few take up full time treasure hunting.There are so many great benefits from the hobby, you will learn more about history, coins, artefacts, farming, soil conditions, and the land than ever before. You will keep fit and healthy, loose weight, gain friends, enjoy the countryside, go places you may never have gone, find things and discover things you may never have found.

Here are ten of the best reasons to start metal detecting

1. Metal detecting is one of the few hobbies that can really “pay for itself ” with every day finds such coins old and new, rings, jewellery, Ancient relics and even buried or hidden treasures. Hoards of coins, gold & Silver coins and valuable jewellery were all buried for safekeeping and while some of them have been discovered over the years there are still many out there just waiting to be rediscovered by you with your metal detector, and don’t forget millions of people every year flood to the beaches and coastlines and have done for many centuries, loosing items by the thousands over the years. There’s so much more still waiting to be found right beneath your feet..(Don’t Forget to Know the treasure act as it is a criminal offence to not report items of treasure)

2. Searching for lost treasures with a metal detector has proven to be a great “stress buster” for many thousands of people. Problems will just seem to disappear when you are roaming around the countryside with your metal detector and when your detector discovers a buried target, well the feeling is heart stopping (Until you discover it’s a ring pull). Or you could just be about to unearth the next Staffordshire Hoard. You can easily get away from everyone and everything if you want solitude, or you can meet new people to join you for company.

3. Using a metal detector will be good for your health. Getting out in to the countryside, breathing in fresh air, walking and the digging is also a great form of exercise. Plus, bending down to dig up a target is an excellent way to trim your waistline. Many People with Diabetes and other disorders have said taking up metal detecting has changed their lives for the better.

4. You will certainly make more friends on your search for Hidden History. Many people have been interested in obtaining a metal detector and will find ways to talk to you about what you are doing, where you bought it, what you found, etc. Many of these people might also share a story or two about interesting areas they know where you might find old coins or relics. You could also join your local metal detecting club or dig organisers and meet fellow detectorists who share your passion for unearthing Hidden History.

5. You’ll learn about your local history and about the items you find, and you will even find yourself reading books about History and the the area you’re living in. There are probably many books containing lots of historical information that goes back over 300 years or more. You may even start researching on the internet about your local area and the finds you make. The more you look the more you will find.

6. Searching for Hidden History with metal detectors is the perfect way to get your family involved in doing an activity together. More and more families are joining metal detecting clubs, attending planned metal detecting digs & rallies where there are often great finds to be made, with some having token hunts to win prizes etc. They are also spending days hunting beaches together with metal detectors.

7. Metal detecting opens up interests in other hobbies. A large number of metal detector users have found themselves and family members becoming enthusiastic coin collectors or artefact collectors. And why not?You will want to look closely at each and every coin you recover in coin books or online. Coins are often for more interesting and can be worth far more than face value. ) 8. You can now holiday closer to home. There are lots of places of interest for metal detector users within a short drive from your home. In fact, you can start right in your own city or town. You can arrange a farm break for short weekends where landowners are happy for people on holiday in their accommodation are allowed permission to search for lost treasures.

9. Hundreds upon hundreds of treasures that have been lost and discarded can be discovered with a metal detector. The popular television show, Antique Road Show, has shown millions of people that treasures come in all shapes & sizes coins, Old toys, lead soldiers, pens, watches, jewellery, literally anything you find might be an unexpected treasure. You could easily discover treasures in the ground almost anywhere, but if you do your research you will find even more.

10. Metal Detecting is one of the fastest growing hobbies and has been for the last 5 years. There are numerous metal detecting clubs and groups in many towns all over the UK that welcome newcomers with open arms. These clubs regularly go metal detecting  to areas that have been well researched and have a good historical background. They have get-togethers, travel to interesting places and share their knowledge & their finds information freely with fellow detectorists. If there are no clubs in your area it means you could mean you will be the first to search out all the best local search areas and gain permissions.

11. You never get bored. It’s always exciting never knowing what you are going to find. It could be a handful of coins, maybe a piece of gold jewellery or that beautiful diamond ring, or even a Gold Coin Like the one mentioned above. One thing for sure you will certainly discover plenty of junk, it’s not all treasure and you will never get tired of the variety of finds both good and bad that you will make. Every time you go out with your metal detector, it’s different no two days are the same… Happy Hunting


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