EasyRad Dipole GPR (Ground-penetrating radar)

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GRP (Ground Penetrating Radar) is a device, which emits a very short impulses of radiowaves (2-10 nS, 100-1000 Volts) into the ground, and receives the reflections of these radiowaves. The GPR receives these reflections (distorted by the media being probed - ground), and the information is being passed to a software on a PC, to be displayed, logged and analysed. Few years ago, we decided to make a GPR, and after a lot of research, we came to the conclusion that there are very few GPRs, are able to show the result of their work in real-time - what is under person's feet "right here, right now", and even few GPRs, that an average non-professional can afford to buy. In other words, there are almost no GPRs in a "low-cost band", destined for surveys conducted of a sole surveyor. Here is why we decided to develop an affordable GPR that shows results right there on the field, able to show it in a different comprehensive ways, and also able to store the collected data in convenient file formats for later analysis. We sell GPRs, which satisfy the expectations from such a device. After many tests, we concluded that GPR, as all GPRs in general, are very good in finding cavities, faults in bedrocks, buried building remains. We have to mention that soil properties have a substantial effect on the survey's results. Different types of soil have different conductivity. You should expect worse results when using the GPR on wet or loamy soil.  Considering abilities of the GPRs and the needs of the average treasure hunter, we made a GPR, which has almost all functions and capabilities of the high-cost GPRs, and most of all, a GPR you can easily work with, without the need of reading long manuals, video and phone tutoring. Just get it and get to work. Specifications: Power: 1000 volts on the antennae, 8 nS RPS: 90 KHz Time window: 75/150 nS Scans per Second: 16 Resolution: 600 samples per scan ADC: 8 bits Consumption: 14 volts, 200 mA Penetration: ~10 m (depends on ground conditions) Works with Antennas 100MHz, 300MHz and 500MHz

EasyRad GPR is a new generation Ground Penetrating Radar. It is mainly treasure hunting oriented. Why do we say so?

The whole product (hardware and software) is specially designed, so everyone could get to know, start working and use most of its abilities
in a matter of 30 minutes.
  The GPR is equipped with free software for both Windows and Android OS (unlike the big GPR producers).
  Being usable with both most-spread and popular computer operational systems and most affordable hardware platforms (non-expesive PC laptops and not necessarily expensive Android tablets) makes working with EasyRad GPR easy and versatile, as well as its collected data easily transferable and usable for postprocessing and analysis.
  More about EasyRad's advantages:
  The software features few real-time data filters, which do not need computational power, and yet they are very useful and helping while surveying. The hardware (GPR) is built of last generation ICs. Different GPR modules are built according to the most-recent wideband technology trends, for example:
  Transmitting module is using SRD technology, which allows using 10-20 KW of thansmitted pulse EM power with very-high repetition rate - 70-100 KHz. That leads to deeper radiowaves' penetration into the ground and allows faster data acquisition and shorter period for surveying.
  Receiving module is also built of last-generation SMD ICs and components, made by AVAGO Technologies. Low-noise topology of PCB designing is applied.
  Another advantage is combining the radar-controller with the receiving module, and not having cables between them which leads to much less noise in the acquired signals. This also leads to less unit weight and size, which is very important to the surveyor. Part of signal processing is being done by the radar-controller, and thus the whole process of working with the GPR is easier and more comprehensive during the time of survey, and this gives much better results in minimum time.
  The GPR could be assembled and deployed in matter of 10 minutes, could be transported half-assembled, which is important to a surveyor or a treasure hunter.
  It is very important to emphasize a fact that most of the GPR makers do not speak of: there are particular types of soils and terrains that just do not allow a GPR to perform well and are hardly penetrable by the radiowaves the GPRs do produce. This applies to all brands of GPRs, no matter how much they cost. We made these conclusions after we have taken several parallel tests, which included our GPR and few other world-known GPR


The set includes :

Three antennas - 100MHz ,300MHz and 500MHz

Android tablet + application software

(EasyRad Power Pack)


Operating instructions in English

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