EasyRad 2 V Shielded GPR-(Ground-penetrating radar) Geophysical

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EasyRad 2 V GPR - Shielded antenna version ! 500Mhz

Prospection with GPR is, one of the most widely used geophysical prospection techniques in archaeology. This method is based on the reflection of radar waves by buried archaeological structures. Measuring the time interval within which a wave returns at the surface, allows estimating the depth of the features. As a consequence, the most important advantage of this technique is that the information is three-dimensional: also the depth of the structures is known. Moreover, GPR prospection allows identifying underground structures with an unequalled spatial resolution.

GPR is capable of detecting a broad range of archaeological structures: walls, floors, ditches, graves, voids, conduits etc. Measurements underneath paved surfaces (floors in houses or churches, asphalt of car parks) are also possible. A new technology applicable to the inspection of structures and soils. Its physical principle is to send a pulse of energy to the material to be inspected and, as a result, the equipment processor records the return signal time. After receiving the signal, the software allows the interpretation of the achieved data, making the integrity analysis in real time, even in 3D. It is applied in concrete structures, in piping location or in underground elements (great depths) and in paving; in Roads and Bridges inspection, measuring the asphalt and concrete layers, besides serving as a primary tool to support Geological , Archaeological and Forensic Medicine investigations.

0 to 3.5 meters (50 nanoseconds)
0-7 meters (100 nanoseconds)
Operating frequency 500 MHZ
Power consumption 2,8 watts
Maximum voltage of the transmitter 1000 Volta
The repetition frequency of the excitation pulse, 70 kHz-100 kHz
Pulse duration 1-3 nanoseconds
The maximum depth detection - 7 meters
Resolution in the vertical direction, cm <10
Resolution in the horizontal direction, cm <10
The analysis of electrical errors constant and the speed of radio wave propagation in the soil, 15-20%
The error analysis of the moisture of the soil layer, 15-25%
Data rate of 115200 bps
Continuous battery life of at least 8 hours
Device operating temperature range, C -10 ... +50
Weight of the device does not exceed, 3,0 kg

3 years warranty on electronics


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