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EasyRad Dipole GPR (Ground-penetrating radar)
GRP (Ground Penetrating Radar) is a device, which emits a very short impulses of radiowaves (2-10 nS..
8,000.00 лв.
Ex Tax: 8,000.00 лв.
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 EasyRad 2 V Shielded GPR-(Ground-penetrating radar) Geophysical
EasyRad 2 V GPR - Shielded antenna version ! 500Mhz Prospection with GPR is, one of the most wide..
9,400.00 лв.
Ex Tax: 9,400.00 лв.
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Professional Pulse Induction & Deep Metal Detector For Gold
Pulse Gold Detector - Pulse Induction Technology is a premium product from EasyRad Electronics LTD()..
2,650.00 лв.
Ex Tax: 2,650.00 лв.
Based on 4 reviews.