7 Best Places to Metal Detect in Arkansas in 2023

Metal detecting is an exciting pastime that allows participants to discover buried riches from the past. Arkansas’s rich History and diversified landscapes make it an appealing playground for metal detectorists looking for antiques and antiquities.

The Natural State is a treasure of possible findings, ranging from Civil War battlegrounds to historic homesteads. In this guide, we’ll look at some metal detecting in Arkansas spots to ensure a pleasant and thrilling experience.

Best Places to Metal Detect in Arkansas in 2023

The best places to metal detect in Arkansas are Crowley’s Ridge State Park, Lake Catherine State Park, Diamonds State Park, Daisy State Park, Cossatot River, Lake Charles State Park, Woolly Hollow State Park, Wells Lake, Pinnacle Mountain State Park, and Perryville City Park.

1. Civil War Battlefields: 

Unraveling History Under Surface Arkansas was the scene of numerous Civil War battles, making its battlefields ideal for metal detecting. Pea Ridge National Military Park stands out as a hotspot for finding relics from this turbulent time.

Metal detectorists have seen everything from flintlock balls to uniform buttons, giving a substantial association with the past. Continuously get the essential allowances and keep the recreation area’s rules to guarantee a respectful and lawful experience.

2. Old Mining Towns: 

Arkansas has a past filled with mining, particularly during the late nineteenth and mid-twentieth hundreds of years. Metal detecting enthusiasts now have the opportunity to discover lost treasures in ghost towns that once thrived on miners searching for precious metals.

Places like Rush, a previous zinc mining town, may yield relics like old devices, coins, and, surprisingly, disposed of mining gear. Find out about the towns’ pasts to find potential hotspots and, if necessary, get permission from landowners.

3. Residences and Ranches:

The state’s rustic scenes are spotted with leftovers of old estates and ranches. Metal detectorists looking for everyday objects may find these locations treasure troves. Broken bits of earthenware fastened and disposed of coins are average finds.

Before investigating these regions, ensure consent from landowners and move toward the destinations with care to safeguard any authentic remaining parts.

4. State Parks:

Arkansas brags an organization’s state stops that exhibit its normal magnificence and hold verifiable importance. Metal detectorists have a unique opportunity at Crater of Diamonds State Park, known for being the only diamond-producing site open to the public.

While diamonds are the main draw, numerous visitors have discovered intriguing coins and artefacts.

5. Riverbanks and Spring Beds: 

The natural erosion of riverbanks and creek beds can reveal treasures that have been hidden for decades or centuries. Regions like the Arkansas Stream and its feeders might yield curios conveyed downstream over the long haul.

Metal detectorists have found coins, jewelry, and even artifacts from prehistoric Native American cultures. Guarantee that you have the vital licenses, assuming you intend to identify in streams and know about any natural guidelines.

6. Festivals and events in the community: 

Throughout the year, Arkansas hosts various community festivals and events, allowing metal detectorists to participate in the festivities and pursue their hobby.

Check for neighborhood fairs, authentic reenactments, or local area festivities where you can look for authorization to metal recognize. Respect the occasion’s coordinators and members, and observe any rules they give.

7. Playgrounds and sports fields: 

While verifiable locales offer a brief look into the past, don’t neglect more current areas. Sports fields, jungle gyms, and sporting facilities can be shockingly productive for metal recognition.

People have lost jewelry, coins, and keys, allowing detectorists to find contemporary and historical artifacts.

Metal Detecting Laws in Arkansas

In Arkansas, metal detection is allowed by following local ordinances necessary licenses, or permits. For more details, you can check here  Archeological Resources Preservation Acts

Arkansas Metal Detecting clubs

Metal Detecting Northeast Arkansas is the most famous Metal Detecting club in Arkansas.

Is It Legal to Metal Detect in Arkansas State Parks?

Yes, Metal detecting is allowed in Arkansas State Parks, However, It is prohibited without a permit. it’s always advisable to contact the relevant state park authorities or check their official website for specific rules for metal detecting in Arkansas.

Is It Legal to Metal Detect in Arkansas Ghost Towns?

Yes, Metal detecting is allowed in Arkansas Ghost Towns, but may be subject to various regulations and it’s crucial to check the specific rules for each location before starting the activities.


With its mix of History and different scenes, Arkansas offers metal detectorists a charming excursion through time. The state has much to offer people who want to experience the thrill of discovery.

Continuously regard private property, get the fundamental allows, and follow moral metal identifying practices to guarantee a fulfilling and dependable experience. Therefore, grab your metal detector and set out on a treasure hunt to discover the untold tales that lie beneath the soil of Arkansas.

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