Best Metal Detectors for Kids (Top 5 Ranked & Reviewed)

Are you prepared to embark on a thrilling adventure with your little treasure hunter? Let us lead you via the exciting world of Metal Detectors for Kids, aiding you to find the excellent gadget to spark their curiosity as well as a love of checking out the open air.

I followed my treasure hunter since I was young. I used several types of detectors in my life. I know what extra features are required if you are searching for a detector for young kids. Keeping all in mind I tested 20 models. For 100 hours of testing I shortlisted 5 Best Metal Detectors for Kids.

I found that National Geographic Pro Series and Bounty Hunter Junior are the best Metal Detectors for Kids. They are the best because of their lightweight design, simple interface, and ease of operation.

The Best Metal Detectors for Kids in 2023

National Geographic Junior


I found that it works fantastic as a means to clarify the idea to a little one. The kids love it because of it’s extremely lightweight and also has easy controls, yet is useless for really locating anything.

The best thing is that the National Geographic Best Metal Detectors for Kids is especially created for young detectorists and newbies. Right here’s a testimonial of the National Geographic Junior Metal Detector, highlighting its advantages and disadvantages, along with some significant findings made by detectorists utilizing this version.

When I used It and found that gives a lightweight as well as simple choice with sound as well as aesthetic responses. While it might have restricted discovery depth as well as lacks sophisticated features, the detector has actually still allowed young customers to uncover coins, jewelry, small relics, and also shed items, promoting a feeling of excitement and inquisitiveness concerning the globe of metal spots.


  • Water-proof as well as fantastic for coastline discovery
  • Flexible sensitivity for various surfaces
  • Includes trowel as well as finding out guide


  • Made of Plastic

Nokta Mini Hoard Waterproof Kids Metal Detector

If you have actually obtained a kid who is 8 years of age or younger and also dying to start digging for a prize, Martin recommends this user-friendly waterproof metal detector. “I have a 7-year-old myself as well as got him a Nokta Makro Mini Stockpile, which is extremely lightweight, short, and also has a display screen that reveals a thumbs-up face or thumbs-down frown face to indicate if the steel is worth digging up,” he claims.

Because the detector is waterproof up to 3 feet, youngsters can get used to excavating in loose sand on the coastline before carrying on to more difficult terrain. It additionally has a retractable wand that makes it simple to load for taking a trip, plus it features a sand-sifter, a sand inside story, 2 sets of stickers, and a two-year warranty.

RM RICOMAX Metal Detector for Kids

Get ready for an exciting journey with the RM RICOMAX The Best Metal Detectors for Kids is Designed for young prize hunters. I love this metal detector because it is best for outside expeditions and also assures an exhilarating experience for your children. Outfitted with a 7.4-inch waterproof search coil, this steel detector is ready to withstand all types of weather conditions, making sure that your kid can utilize it anytime, anywhere.

Whether it’s a coastline, park, or backyard, the RM RICOMAX Metal Detector will certainly help them reveal things easily. One of the standout features of this device is its adjustable size. With a range of 24 to 35 inches, it can be conveniently personalized to fit your youngster’s height, offering a comfy and also ergonomic grip. This makes certain that your little prize seeker can take pleasure in hours of fun with no discomfort.


  • Consists of a storage space bag and digging tools
  • High precision as well as clear detection
  • Lightweight and flexible stem


  • Has a plastic construction.

Buying Guide: Metal Detectors for Kids

metal identifying can be a fun as well as an appealing task for the whole household. Nonetheless, it can be hard to locate an ideal metal detector for youngsters. In this overview, we will certainly take you through the crucial functions to consider when acquiring a metal detector for your children.

Age-Appropriate Style

Look for metal detectors that are particularly designed for children in terms of size, weight, and general aesthetics. Youngsters ought to have the ability to conveniently bring and operate their metal detectors for prolonged durations. Seek detectors that are lightweight and also feature a portable style for simple transportation.

Easy To Construct and also Make use of

Pick a metal detector that is simple to put together and also use, without needing intricate configuration or technical knowledge. This will certainly allow youngsters to start identifying as soon as possible.

Flexible Sensitivity Degrees

Different atmospheres as well as dirt problems call for various levels of sensitivity. Select a detector that enables easy adjustment of the level of sensitivity levels to ensure precise detection in various areas.

Durable Construction

Kids can be rough with their toys, so it is necessary to pick a metal detector with a durable construction that can withstand rough handling as well as unintentional declines. You’ll additionally want to consider waterproof or water-resistant steel detectors that permit children to search for prizes on the beach or in damp locations without worrying about harming the device.

High Detection Precision

The metal detector should offer reliable as well as accurate detection capabilities, enabling children to quickly find hidden prizes without false signals or missed targets.

Long Battery Life

A metal detector with a long-lasting battery will guarantee your kid can appreciate extended spotting sessions without interruptions.

Appropriate for Various Terrains

A flexible metal detector should be suitable for various terrains, including coastlines, parks, and also yards. It must have the ability to deal with different soil problems and also supply precise outcomes.

Discrimination Feature to Separate Between metal

The discrimination function enables your youngster to strain unwanted metals, such as nails or lightweight aluminum foil, and also concentrate on valuable targets like coins or jewelry.

Sound and also Visual Target Recognition

Choose a metal detector that supplies both audio as well as aesthetic hints to determine detected items, making the treasure-hunting experience more exciting and interactive.

Earphone Compatibility for Discreet Operation

Headphone compatibility allows your child to find treasures discreetly and also without troubling others. It likewise boosts the audio feedback and helps them concentrate on the signals.

FAQ: What is the best metal detector for children?

What is the best metal detector for a 5 year old?

For ages ranging between 3-7 years old, I recommend The Bounty Hunter Junior. It is a top choice for children due to its lightweight design, adjustable length, and easy-to-use interface. I love it because it features a target identification display (T.I.D.) that helps kids identify common metals like iron, aluminum, and coins. The ergonomic design and simple controls make it perfect for a fun kid’s metal detector.

Is there a metal detector for kids?

Yes, there are metal detectors designed specifically for kids, such as the National Geographic Junior Metal Detector and the Bounty Hunter Junior T.I.D. Metal Detector. These models are lightweight, easy to use, and come with adjustable features suitable for young enthusiasts.

What is the best metal detector for 10 year old?

The Bounty Hunter Junior T.I.D. and Minelab X-TERRA 305 Metal Detector is a great choice for a 10-year-old. They provide several high-tier features like high-quality construction, ease of use, and lightweight design. If you’re looking for a fun kid they are an ideal choice for a 10-year-old metal detector enthusiast.

what is the best metal detector for 12 year old?

One of the best metal detectors for 12-year-olds is the Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV. It is a great option for young metal detector enthusiasts due to its high-end interface designed for kids in an affordable pricing range.

what is the best metal detector for a child uk?

The Garrett ACE 150 is a popular and suitable metal detector for children in the UK. It is specially designed with features like lightweight, and high quality that are ideal for young users in the UK.

Where to go treasure hunting?


Coastlines are most likely the most prominent places to go treasure searching with children. First of all, there is always what to look for there– different coins, precious jewelry, and so on. Second of all, it is far more pleasurable to search for something in the sand, yet not in the fields or the dust.

Nevertheless, for each and every benefit, there is also some disadvantage. To start with, there are tons of rubbish on the beach, which a metal detector for youngsters will additionally detect. Therefore, till a youngster locates a coin, a number of dozens of container caps will be located.

Another issue is mainly of honest beginning– several lost things can be discovered on the coastline. These can be jewelry, chains, bracelets, and so on (besides, gold prospecting is a tough job also for a specialist metal detector).

Theoretically, a well-behaved kid should give such a search back to its owner, or shouldn’t it? This is for you to choose. The important thing is that it should not be a shock for you if someone sees your kid having someone else’s belongings.

Regional parks

Parks are much less convenient for treasure searching, however, they are much less trashy. Also, this is where you can discover some fascinating stuff, such as old coins. Just do not neglect that you must be careful when excavating your searchings for out since you should fill out the hole also. Do not leave any kind of indications of your activity.

In your backyard

This is the first place where you ought to examine your metal detector, as well as believe me, as well as there will be lots of findings there. Specifically, if the house has been there for several years.

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