Backyard Metal Detecting Finds (10 Strangest Things)

Do you want to know my backyard metal detecting finds?

As an experienced metal detectorist, I have spent countless hours scouring my backyard and surrounding areas for lost relics, coins, and other fascinating artifacts. Here I share my passion for backyard metal detecting and the exciting treasures that can be found just below the surface.

In this post, I will be sharing some of my most interesting Backyard Metal Detecting Finds and the stories behind them. I hope you’ll join me on this journey through the history and hidden treasures of our backyard.

Backyard Metal Detecting Finds

Backyard metal detecting finds encompass a range of treasures that hobbyists uncover in their own outdoor spaces. These discoveries can include old coins, jewelry, small relics, and even historical artifacts.

Getting Started with Backyard Metal Detecting

Getting started with backyard metal detecting is an exciting journey into the world of hidden treasures right in your own space. To embark on this adventure, you’ll need the right equipment and a good understanding of the basics.

As you delve into the hobby, you’ll uncover a wide range of items, from coins and jewelry to historical artifacts, making backyard metal detecting a rewarding and fascinating pastime. So, let’s dive in and explore the world of backyard metal detecting finds together!

I’ve been a backyard metal detector hobbyist for a few years now and have had some interesting finds in my yard over that time. Two of my most exciting discoveries happened just a few months apart and have historical significance.

The first find was an old coin that I found buried about 6 inches deep in my backyard. At first, I wasn’t sure what kind of coin it was since it was badly corroded and difficult to read, but after doing some research, I discovered that it was a Spanish 8 reales coin from the late 1700s. These coins were commonly used in colonial America and were often referred to as “pieces of eight.” I was thrilled to have found such a historically significant coin right in my own backyard!

My second find was even more exciting. I was detected in a different part of my yard when my metal detector signaled that I had found something significant. After digging down about a foot, I found what looked like an old military medal. It had a design of a soldier’s head on one side and some text on the other side that was difficult to read due to the condition of the medal.

I did some research online and eventually found out that the medal was a World War I Victory Medal. This was a medal that was given to American soldiers who served during WWI and it was considered a great honor to receive one. I was amazed that I had found such a rare and historic artifact right in my own backyard.

My Metal-Detecting Gear

As a passionate backyard metal detector hobbyist, I have spent years collecting and perfecting my metal-detecting gear. While I started with just a basic metal detector and digging tool, I have since added several essential pieces of equipment that have made my metal-detecting experiences more successful and enjoyable.

  1. Metal Detector: Minelab Equinox 800
  2. Pinpointer: Garrett Pro-Pointer AT
  3. Digging Tool: Lesche Digging Tool
  4. Headphones: XP ORX Wireless Headphones
  5. Coil Cover: NEL Tornado 12×13 Search Coil Cover
  6. Pouch: Kellyco Deluxe Finds Pouch
  7. Sifter Scoop: RTG Pro Aluminum 6″ Handheld Sand Scoop
  8. Carry Bag: White Signature Series Metal Detector Bag
  9. Trowel: Fiskars Big Grip Garden Trowel

When it comes to digging tools, I prefer to use a long-handled, serrated-edge shovel that is specifically designed for metal detecting. This type of shovel allows me to dig deeper and more efficiently, while also minimizing any damage to objects that I may uncover.

Steps to Finding Buried Treasure in My Yard

Backyard Metal Detecting Finds

As a passionate metal detecting enthusiast, I embarked on an exciting quest to uncover buried treasures right beneath my feet. Here’s my story of the steps I took to find hidden riches in my very own yard.

Step 1: The Right Gear I began by investing in quality metal detecting equipment. My trusty Minelab Equinox 800 detector became my companion, offering advanced features and precision.

Step 2: Research I delved into historical records and local lore to identify potential hotspots on my property. Old maps, tales of past homeowners, and historical photos were invaluable in pinpointing promising locations.

Step 3: Permissions and Regulations Before swinging my detector, I ensured I had all the necessary permissions and adhered to local metal detecting regulations. Compliance with laws and respect for property rights were paramount.

Step 4: Methodical Searches I adopted systematic search patterns, crisscrossing my yard while carefully listening to my detector’s signals. Each beep filled me with anticipation.

Step 5: The Thrill of Discovery It didn’t take long before I unearthed my first finds: coins from different eras, a few jewelry pieces, and even a small, intriguing antique key. Each discovery fueled my passion.

Step 6: Preservation I learned how to clean and preserve my newfound treasures to maintain their historical and monetary value.

My journey to finding buried treasure in my yard has been a thrilling one. It taught me patience, respect for history, and the joy of unearthing stories hidden beneath the soil. The treasures I’ve found may not be the stuff of legends, but they hold a special place in my heart as a testament to the fascinating history that lies just beneath our feet.

Can You Keep Treasure You Find in Your Backyard in the United States?

Can You Keep Treasure You Find in Your Backyard in the

This is a common question with a complicated answer.

If you find treasure in your backyard in the United States, whether you can keep it or not depends on a few factors. If the treasure is considered an archaeological object, it may be subject to federal or state laws that protect cultural heritage and require it to be reported to authorities.

If the treasure is not considered an archaeological object, then it may be possible to keep it. However, it’s always best to check with local laws and regulations to ensure that you are complying with any legal requirements.


Is it legal to metal detect in residential areas?

The legality of metal detecting in residential areas varies by location and local regulations. It’s essential to check with your city or municipality for specific rules and obtain any necessary permits before metal detecting in residential areas.

Do I need a permit for metal detecting in my backyard?

In many cases, you don’t need a permit for metal detecting in your own backyard, as it’s considered private property. However, it’s always a good idea to check your local regulations and ordinances, as they can vary. If you’re part of a homeowners’ association or live in a historic district, there might be specific rules to follow. Always ensure you have the necessary permissions if required by your local authorities.

What should I do if I find something valuable in my backyard?

If you find something valuable in your backyard while metal detecting, it’s essential to stop digging immediately, carefully extract the item, and consult with a local expert or historian to assess its value and potential historical significance.

Are there any famous backyard metal detecting stories?

Yes, there are famous backyard metal detecting stories. One notable example is the story of Terry Herbert, who, in 2009, discovered the Staffordshire Hoard, one of the largest collections of Anglo-Saxon gold and silver artifacts ever found in England, in a farmer’s field.

Source URL: The Staffordshire Hoard

Terry Herbert’s discovery made headlines worldwide and showcased the incredible potential of metal detecting, even in seemingly ordinary locations like a backyard or farmland.

Conclusion: Backyard Metal Detecting Finds

In conclusion, my experience with backyard metal detecting has been both exciting and rewarding. Through my research, patience, and persistence, I have uncovered a range of fascinating objects that have provided insight into the history of my local area. From old coins and jewelry to military artifacts and household items, each find has been a thrilling discovery that has deepened my appreciation for the past.

While metal detecting in your backyard or other outdoor spaces can be a fun and rewarding hobby, it’s important to always be mindful of local laws and regulations, as well as any ethical considerations related to cultural heritage and preservation. With the right approach and equipment, however, backyard metal detecting can be a great way to uncover hidden treasures and connect with the history of your community.

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