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In 2013 Bulgarian group of Treasure Hunters decided to turn his favourite hobby into a business, and opened www.bestmetaldetectors.eu
For this short time We have become a guide  in the metal detector industry through their genuine experience, honest professionalism and outstanding customer service.
Their understanding and respect of customers’ needs and requests have helped them build up an impressive database of thousands of satisfied customers, throughout the world. Bestmetaldetectors.eu is now considered to be one of the leading authorities on metal detectors in Bulgaria, frequently receiving requests for advice from manufacturers and customers alike.With our 25 years of experience in metal detecting with Bulgarian and world famous brands detectors www.bestmetaldetectors.eu sees the growing importance of customer service that is easy to understand, simple and quietly. From the very beginning, our goal has been to listen to our customers' requirements and help them buy a metal detector that is suitable for their individual needs. It would be easy to sell the most expensive detector or the one with the greatest profit potential, but I know as an avid detectorist myself, there is nothing worse than buying the wrong machine that is too complicated or unsuitable for the job - you just end up feeling frustrated and miserable.
''Believe us, we have been there. Metal detecting is a growing hobby, and I understand that hobbies are there to be enjoyed and to get you away form the humdrum of everyday life. I want our customers to return to us again and again, knowing that we offer the best value for money regardless of budget. And our great service doesn’t end after your purchase; our customers know that if they have a problem or are not sure of anything we are only a phone call away.”
www.bestmetaldetectors.eu will keep serving the hobby into the future as it grows into a phenomenon, continuing to use their signature brand of customer care, getting us, the customers, the best deals on the metal detectors based on our needs, from a time-to-time beginner to a expert hobbyist. If you’re not yet part of the vast Customer Database, or if you pass this off as advertising propaganda, try them out, and take full advantage of the services offered.

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