Golden Mask 3 Plus Power BOX

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Golden Mask 3 Power BOX - modification of the basic model Golden Mask 3 with two additional features: - DPT (dual power tehnology), versatile feature that allows increasing the search depth by 30%. In this mode the device consumes extra electricity, but all of it will be long before others. - Changing the operating frequency (Frequency adjustment)-this new function allows to change the operating frequency to eliminate unwanted noise and industrial work of other detectors near you. Golden Mask 3 Power BOX is specifically designed to provide maximum efficiency in all types of soils. In practice, the machine is a combination of Golden Mask Golden Mask 1 and 2 in a metal detector and a switch to select modes, automatically * highly mineralized soils in the presence of iron or carry pollutants to achieve greater depth in soils with weak mineralization. Detector used search heads wide scan (Double D) due to their machine works much better in mineralized soil, but because of the geometry of the probe allows better penetration into the ground. Golden Mask 3 Power BOX is made with high quality components and materials to ensure maximum life of the detector.


• New 10.5 "tube made ​​of ABS and special design for high mechanical and thermal stability.
• Special cable, made ​​of high quality materials with total armored in order to provide greater mechanical strength and long lifetime of the probe.
• Light and robust ABS boxes
• Lightweight detector with perfect balance
• Sturdy handle
• Rod of three parts
• Lower carbon rod
• Intelligent automatic battery charger specifically designed for metal detectors Golden Mask
• 5 year warranty on electronics

Sets a filter to suppress industrial disturbances, allowing the detector to operate in proximity and under power lines.


• Operating Frequency - 8,2 kHz.
• Mode-motion
• Automatic Ground Balance
• Manual Ground Balance
• Sound separation of metals
• Adjust the degree of separation of metals
• Adjust the depth of the search
• Further increase the depth of weakly mineralized soils
• DPT (dual power tehnology)
• Frequency adjustment
• Adjusting the volume
• A new, entirely reworked circuit board, combining performance and high sensitivity.
• Power - 10 pack batteries 1.2V AA / 2500mAh
• Operating time per charge - min.10 hours (in standby +30%) and 60 hours in normal mode
• LED control for battery status
• Audio listening
mineralized soils * - description of soil that has a natural magnetic properties and has become such by human activities (waste iron or tile). The term does not include sea sand, which is not magnetic, but only conductive.

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