Garrett GTP 1350 with 11" 28cm DD search coil

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When treasure hunting, seeing the size of a buried target may mean the difference between digging trash and digging treasure! That's why you need Garrett's Graphic Target Profiling (GTP) 1350.

The GTP 1350 is packed with many of the same amazing technologies that are featured in Garrett's elite GTI series. And it offers exclusive profiling technology that identifies the size (Small, Medium, Large) of a target on the LCD display. The GTP also comes with Garrett's highly rugged 7x10" PROformance searchcoil, which means you search deeper and cover more ground per sweep than with traditional coils.

GTP 1350 Features

Detection depth so strong there's virtually no place a target can hide.

Profiling(Target Size)-No other manufacturer gives you target size information like Garrett. And when it comes to digging targets, size can mean the difference between digging treasure and digging trash - or not digging it at all. Thats why Garrett designed the GTP 1350 with all new profiling technology. Profiling is the first step towards the sizing information like that provided on the elite GTI series. After pinpointing a target, switch the unit to the Profiling Mode to allow detection of the target size (small, Medium, Large). This critical size info will be especially helpful when coin hunting and will help you distinguish between coins and larger items.

DSP(Digital Signal Processor) - DSP is the most important feature you can have on your detector. It is what enables the GTP 1350 And GTI series to perform complex hunting features, such as ScanTrak, Auto Ground Balance, Imaging and now Profiling. Having DSP is like having a super-charged V8 engine in your truck - while the industry standard microprocessor is the equivalent of a 4 - cylinder, carbureted engine. With DSP you can search deeper, faster and more efficiently with greater amounts of target information than any other brand on the maket.

Target ID - Garretts DSP-based Target ID system offers the most reliable and comprehensive identification of detected targets, based on their conductivity and size.

Automatic Ground Balance - DSP automatically and continuously adjusts the detector's ground balance setting, thereby minimizing the negative effects of ground mineralization, in order to provide optimum performance over a wide range of soils even while hunting in the Motion/Discrimination Mode.

GTA Accept / Reject Discrimination - DSP based Graphic Target Analyzing Discrimination capabilities allow you to reject or accept a target, based on its conductivity, with greater efficiency than any other detector on the market.

Pinpointing (Coin Depth Measurement) -DSP based pinpoint Mode, coupled with Auto Ground Balance feature, helps to ensure pinpointing signals are free of confusing ground interference signals, thereby allowing you to determine the precise location of a target with greater accuracy than any other detector.

FDA (Frequency Domain Analysis) - This DSP based technology produces a near infinite number of filters to remove virtually all of the ground mineralization and other "external" noises that standard 2 and 3 filter detectors miss. The effects of DSP-driven filter is like looking at a target through clear,filtered water whereas using a microprocessor based filter is the equivalent as trying to see the same target through muddy water.

PowerMaster - This enables the detector to search deeper than traditional microprocessor driven detectors.

ScanTrak - This feature instantly and accurately adjusts to your operating speed to aachieve optimum performance on a swing-by-swing basis.



  • Audio Threshold, Adjustable

  • Audio Tone ID

  • Coin Alert Belltone Audio

  • Digital Signal Processor (DSP)

  • Discrimination: GTA Accept / Reject Notch

  • Frequency, Adjustable

  • Graphic Target Analyzer (GTA), Target ID Cursor

  • Ground Balance, Automatic Ground Tracking

  • Headphone Jack

  • Hip Mount Battery Pack

  • Surface Mount PC Board Technology

  • 11" /28CM./ DD SEARCH COIL

  • Volume Control

  • Last Mode Switching

  • LCD Backlit, Shows Target ID and Settings

  • Microprocessor Controlled

  • Pinpointing, Coin Depth Measurement

  • PowerMaster Circuitry

  • Profiling (Target Size)

  • Salt Elimination Mode

  • ScanTrack

  • Sensitivity / Depth Adjustment

  • Speaker

  • Touchpad Controls with One-Touch Operation


  • Length: 40" to 51" - Adjustable

  • Weight: 4.0 lbs. (1.9 kgs.)

  • Single Frequency Operation - 7.2 kHz

  • 8 AA battery operation (batteries included)

  • 2 year warranty

Search Modes:

  • Motion: Coins, Jewelry, Relics, Zero and Custom Discrimination modes with Visual Target ID

  • Profiling (Pinpoint): Non-motion detection for precise target locating with visual Target Imaging


  • Sensitivity

  • Threshold

  • Detection Frequency

  • Volume

  • Tone

  • Full Range Multi-Notch Discrimination

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