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Introducing the new Garrett Ace 350 Metal Detector

The Garrett engineering team has done it again! They have improved the world's most popular series of metal detectors. Coin, relic and jewelry hunters will appreciate the newest member of the Garrett Ace series. This Garrett Ace 350 is packed with several exciting new features. The new Ace 350 features exceptional iron discrimination, a higher frequency, new salt water capabilities and the deepest seeking Ace search coil ever. The Ace 350 detector features the same strong and lightweight design that has made Ace series the world's best selling metal detectors. Beneath that familiar exterior is an entirely new set of features that both novice and professional treasure hunters alike will appreciate.

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A Deep Seeking New Coil Design

This Ace 350 detector model features a brand new search coil design. Garrett has introduced the new PROformance DD 8.5" x 11" search coil which is excellent for hunting in highly mineralized areas such as salt water beaches. The Double D coil winding produces smooth operation in the toughest ground conditions. The large size provides powerful, deep target detection, yet easy pinpointing.

Are You Ready for Enhanced Iron Resolution?

The Garrett Ace 350 Metal Detector also introduces improved capability to separate out and discriminate against iron targets. Look at the target identification display below and you will notice a wide iron range on the left of the screen. The unique electronics in the new Garrett Ace 350 Metal Detector feature the ability to separate out iron. Searching for coins and jewelry? You will appreciate the ability to dig less trash and more treasure! Looking for older, deeper targets? Relic hunters will appreciate the ability to identify valuable targets. If Iron is what you are looking for, the wide iron range found on the Ace 350 will allow you to identify, large, medium or small iron targets.

Searching for Gold Jewelry?

The Ace 350 features a new higher frequency of 8.25 kHz. This frequency is hotter on small highly conductive targets like gold jewelry than the Ace 150 or 250. Looking for the ultimate metal detector for gold prospecting? Then check out our review of the top gold prospecting metal detectors.

Garrett Ace Detector Key Features:

Powerful, large 8.5" x 11" PROformance Double-D searchcoil
Enchanced Iron Resolution - Allows more control of iron discrimination levels; helps separate good targets from adjacent junk iron.
Higher Frequency - Offers improved ability to detect small conductive targets (small coins, nuggets)
Volume-control headphones - Garrett's ClearSound Easy Stow headphones are included with the Ace 350
Electronic Pinpointing - to speed target recovery
Accept/Reject Discrimination - to modify discrimination patterns
Five Search Modes - select pre-set discrimination pattern or create your own
Continuous Coin Depth Indicator - to determine target depth
Battery Condition Indicator - shows battery life continually
Interchangeable ACE series searchcoils are available
Pushbutton Controls - with One-Touch operation
Garrett Ace 350 Search Modes (Discrimination Patterns) 5 plus electronic pinpointing:



Garrett Ace 350 Metal Detector Specifications:


Target ID Cursor Segments


Iron Discrimination Segments


Accept/Reject Discrimination


Search Modes


Sensitivity/Depth Adjustments


Electronic Pinpointing



8.25 kHz

Audio Tone ID Levels


Standard Searchcoil

8.5" x 11" DD PROformance

Length (Adjustable)

42" to 51" (1.06m - 1.29m)

Total Weight

2.8 lbs. (1.27 kgs.)


4 AA (included)


2 Year, Limited Parts/Labor

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