Detech EDS REACHER 14 Khz

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The EDS Reacher is a very easy to use and operate. Setting it up is simple because of the easy defined “red colored” pre-set zones for the sensitivity, discrimination and normal setting indicators. The treasure hunter can easily adjust their desired discrimination, sensitivity levels to optimize the detectors depth in different soil conditions. If you are looking for a deep, super lightweight detector outfitted with one of the Best High-performance coils manufactured today then look no further than Detect’s EDS Reacher metal detector.

EDS REACHER features:

Advanced Dual zone VLF discrimination control featuring (AMD) All metal discrimination and full range VLF variable discrimination. In the AMD position the detector will achieve maximum depth on the deepest targets including gold nuggets.

On/Off full variable sensitivity control is used to make the detector more stable if it encounters ground minerals and or electromagnetic fields that will also affect the detectors stability.

Dual selectable frequency mode is used for getting the most depth and also used in conjunction with the full variable sensitivity control you can choose the best frequency position for the deepest and smoothest operation.

The Deep/Normal mode switch is one of the most important controls in the EDS REACHER. In the normal position this is called the "mass" hunting position and is used for most ground conditions like medium to high minerals and or using the detector in wet salt beach sand or even in wet salt "black sand" conditions. The Deep mode position is there for the advanced treasure hunter where you are looking to get the deepest performance from the metal detector.

Dual Audio tone control allows the treasure hunter to select the most appropriate sound that they prefer. Tone one position produces the sound or tone of 1140Hz (high pitched sound) and Tone two position produces the sound or tone of 570Hz (low pitched sound).

True Pin-Point mode is used to precisely locate the target so that recovery is very easy and fast! When the mode button is pressed continually you will hear a continuous tone and by moving the coil in an X pattern you then listen for the loudest tone and that will indicate when you are centered on the buried target.


Frequency: (Dual)
Freq. 1 - 13.89kHz., Freq. 2 - 13.74kHz.
VLF Operation
automatic Ground
Audio Frequency: 570 Hz and 1140Hz
Weight: 1kg.
Length extended: 51 "
Length collapsed: 41 "
Standard probe: SEF Pro 9x9 "- 23sm.h23sm. SEF DD Pro
Additional probes:
2x12 "SEF Pro
8x6 "SEF Pro
6 "Round DD
Fourth Haq Headphone
Impedance 8 Ohms to 32
Batteries: 4 X AA Alkaline
Battery Run Time: 15 to 30 Hours
Low Battery Alert: Automatic LED & Audio
Ground Balancing: Fully Automatic
Search Modes: Normal and Deep
On / Off Sensitivity
AMD and Adjustable Discrimination
Tone Control: Tone 1 and 2
Frequency Control: Freq. 1 and Freq. 2
Pin-point Mode: One Button Push
Warranty: Electronics (2 years)
Warranty: Search coil (1 year)

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